Kitchen Unit Sizes

Kitchen Unit Sizes

We have included a range of downloadable files of some of our kitchen units to assist in the planning, design and installation of our kitchens. They not only provide valuable technical information regarding kitchen unit sizes but provide solutions that can enhance the design of your kitchen.

Click on the buttons below and the kitchen unit sizes download will start. As the files are quite large (between 500k and 700k) they will be downloaded onto your hard drive or will open automatically in your browser. You may need to install Acrobat Reader to view the PDF. A link has been included above so you can acquire it if need be.

acrobatIf you do not already have Acrobat Reader
you can download the latest free reader.

Alaris Kitchen Brochures 2013

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kitchen units Kitchen units general specification – kitchen Base Units Features, Sink and Hob Unit Features, Reduced Depth Units, Void Corner Filler, Corner Base Filler, Base and Wall Arrangements, Angled End Shelf Planning, Mondo Carousel
general specs General Specifications, Kitchen Wall Units Features, Wall Hangers, Corner Wall Planning, Variable Corner Wall Planning, Corner Base and Wall Arrangements, Feature Mantle Fascia, Eclipse Curved Corner Walls, Wooden Dresser
oven units Kitchen Oven Units Housing Matrix, Fridge Freezer Matrix
canopies Kitchen Canopies, Corner Canopies, Free-standing, Feature Mantle Fascia, Pilasters
accessories Inserta Hinges, ‘L’ Shaped Corner Doors, Titanium Drawer ¬†Adjustment,
Glass Feature Shelves, Pull-out Baskets, Void Corner Fillers, Classic Island Pot-Rack